Design for Living

Why choose Design for Living, Sober Living Homes?

Clean and sober living, one day at a time.

Design for Living is a sober living environment that encourages sober living skills and growth in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal is to help people in recovery from addiction and alcoholism to attain a successful life in recovery while abstaining from chemicals and learning sober living skills. Our sober living community is designed to help clients grow spiritually and emotionally by offering structured, sober living, support and sponsorship through fellowship in with others in recovery and the Twelve Steps.

There are many benefits to a sober living home, house, apartment or environment. Some of these include the ability to practice sobriety, the safety and support of a dedicated, sober atmosphere and help for rebuilding your life in recovery before returning home. At Design for Living, you can begin to gain strength in recovery. You will live with others who share your wish for healthy interactions and positive methods of coping with life–clean and sober.

Design for Living offers a host of benefits that are the perfect fit for people in early recovery. You will find time and more training in twelve-step recovery programs and sober living skills. You will have the opportunity to be taken through the 12 Steps. Design for Living is also a great place to practice life skills that are often neglected during active addiction and alcohol abuse, before returning to your regular life.

  • Focus on Sobriety and Recovery
    Design for Living’s sober homes offer the opportunity to focus on sobriety in a recovery-based environment. Design for Living offers an atmosphere where recovery is encouraged and support is available. The main goal of a sober living home or sober house is to practice sobriety in a safe, supportive environment—free of temptations to use alcohol, narcotics or any other mind-altering chemicals.
  • Transitional Living
    Sober living houses offer a midway point between “regular” life and the sheltered environment of inpatient alcohol and drug treatment centers. You will be able to regain a sense of normalcy and learn sober living skills while benefiting from an environment without drugs or alcohol, and a support system of peers and role models.
  • Life Skills Development
    During active addiction we often neglect other areas of our lives. Design for Living homes will help you to develop—or redevelop—basic life skills and sober living skills such as housework, education, job duties, fitness and social interactions.
  • Regular Schedule
    Often, our sleep and waking schedules become erratic while we are in the throes of alcoholism or addiction. Design for Living promotes a regular schedule that can nurture healthy time-management patterns when we resume our normal lives. These patterns are especially helpful when learning how to juggle the day-to-day activities with regular twelve step meeting attendance and service opportunities.
  • Growth of a Sober Network
    For some of us, our friendships may need re-evaluating when we return to regular lives after completing a treatment program. Design for Living provides a network of people dedicated to healthy, sober living. Life-long, positive friendships often form in sober living communities. For many of us, we learn that our old ideas about friendship were not always correct. It’s not uncommon the hear our community members say that they now have what they might refer to as “real friends.”

Are you ready to begin your new life with Design for Living?

We look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to our wonderful way to live. At Design for Living, our number one priority is helping you transition into healing–physically, emotionally and spiritually.